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Our yoghurt range is made the natural pot set way. We simply blend pure milk with probiotics and all natural ingredients to deliver the best tasting, natural yoghurt possible.

A dollop on granola, a base for dips, served with dessert or straight off the spoon, however you like yours, there’s a delicious Jalna yoghurt for just about every occasion and every taste.

Want to compare the nutritional value of our yoghurts? View the Nutritional Data Table.

Greek Yoghurt

Thick and creamy, delicious straight off the spoon or in creative cooking.

Kids Pouches

All-natural organic dairy goodness in flavours they’ll love.

BioDynamic Organic Yoghurt

Made with milk from our very own certified BioDynamic Organic dairy farm.

Lactose Free Yoghurt

It’s our award-winning yoghurt, same delicious taste, minus the lactose.

Greek Sweet & Creamy Yoghurt

A family favourite and subtly sweeter version of our Greek Yoghurt.

Farm to Pot

Organic Yoghurt made from Aussie Certified Organic Milk

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